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Friday, May 11, 2012 | Friday, May 11, 2012 | 0 comments
If I ada mesin masa nak ka best oh. Mun boleh I nak pergi melancong masa 2010. Cos time ya banyak gilak kenangan pahit manis ehhhh. Sekpat dilupak bah. Time ya juak aku kenal banyak budakkkk yang boleh dikatakan bestfriends I kinek hewhewhew ;D For example, I know Mamal, a boy that I can't forget till now. Weeeheee. Salu jak both of us get bebual. You know bebual? If you dunnoe errrr ABAIKAN! HAHA! That time I also knew Shafiq Skonteng. Chapix Rockstar. Hid. &&& many more lah. I got a new daddy, Aa. My mum Trisha a.k.a Teah. Hihihi ^^ I have lots of sister angkat such as Sis Alonk, Sis Qaiesh. Fyi, QAIESH ya gaok ehhhh. Tapi nya bait. I ada cornetto lep lep & nya ada cornetto star star. Ngehehe. Time ya juak I dapat result cemerlang in PMR what. So can I repeat that time again? I'm scared if I can't get straight A's in this SPM. Omaigot. Help me derrr. 

Btw, just now I view his facebook. I scroll down and read the older post. Then I realised how come of a sudden I become such a stupidios person. Why should I remember him again?! Please my heart, I'm begging. STOP IT! I don't have a feeling towards him anymore. Nak nak nak? ;) Then bestfriend saya si A. A. ada masalah eh. Ish. Hope jak nya sikmolah keja bodo oh? >.< Chill laa dude! Sikensem ktk kelak ;)

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